OpenOffice-Enterprise is an enterprise management solution for the office suite.

OpenOffice-Enterprise is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to deploy and manage OpenOffice in an enterprise environment.

OpenOffice-Enterprise automatically applies an enterprise-friendly configuration to OpenOffice that includes disabling the Registration Wizard, disabling Auto Updates, and disabling the OpenOffice Improvement Program (usage tracking).

In addition to these standard settings, OpenOffice-Enterprise allows thousands of additional settings to be managed using standard Windows tools, including Group Policy, administrative template (.adm) files, Active Directory and the Microsoft Management Console. Examples of settings that can be managed with OpenOffice-Enterprise include the default file formats, document template locations, application access, macro security, and thousands of other settings.

Finally, OpenOffice-Enterprise makes upgrades fast and trouble-free. When a new version of OpenOffice is released, you can simply install it as-is and OpenOffice-Enterprise will apply all of your existing administrative settings to the new version.

Please feel free to evaluate OpenOffice-Enterprise in your organization. Full support is included for installation, configuration and upgrades, and you are welcome to contact us at any time..