Version 3.2.1 (8-March-2010)

Client Software

The client software must be installed on all managed computers running the office suite. It can be installed remotely using Group Policy, as described here. For evaluation purposes, or for installation on a Terminal Server, it can also be installed by simply running the .msi file from an account with administrative privileges, and can be completely deinstalled by running the .msi file a second time. For further information, please see the Release Notes.

Note: This version of the OpenOffice-Enterprise client software is compatible with OpenOffice v3.2.1 and earlier. A version that is compatible with OpenOffice v3.3 and LibreOffice v3.3 will be released shortly. If you would like to be notified when the new release is available, please sign up at News and Announcements.

ooewin-630.msi (Build 630  8-March-2010)Release Notes 

Administrative Template Files

The administrative template (.adm) files are text files that define the settings managed by OpenOffice-Enterprise. These files are loaded into the Group Policy Editor in Microsoft Management Console. If you are evaluating OpenOffice-Enterprise, you might find it useful to download and examine these files in the Group Policy Editor. Installation instructions can be found here. Please also read the README file included in the download.

Note: We recommend starting with The localized adm files are only needed for managing localized settings that have names ending in "['en-US']", etc. While there are many localized settings in OpenOffice, it is rarely necessary to change them. If you later find you would like to change a localized setting, you can at that point download and install the localized adm files. If in addition you need adm files in another language, please contact us. (Rel. 3.2.1  8-March-2010) (Rel. 3.2.1 with English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian localizations  8-March-2010)

Event Log Message File

This file can be installed on a server or management console to remotely view event log messages generated by the OpenOffice-Enterprise client software. The OpenOffice-Enterprise client software includes this file, and therefore it does not need to be installed on any computer that has the client software installed.

ooewinmsgs-230.msi (Build 230  8-March-2010)